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Do You Have Enough Qualified Prospects To Meet Every Week? If Not, Look No Further.
Receive A Special PROMO & FREEBIE. At The End Of The Trail You Will Be Rewarded!
  • GAIN ACCESS: Position Yourself Favorably Through SOFA's Non Profit Status. Be Invited As The Guest Speaker At Reputable Companies & Organizations.
  • INCREASE ROI: Be The Invited Guest, Not The Host. You Are Not Expected To Pay The Expenses For Your Events... Like The "Plate-Licker Circuit"!
  • 1-ON-GROUP: Do You Have 1 Hour A Week, To Get In Front Of 20 - 25 People Who Are Interested In What You Have To Say? If So, SOFA's Your Solution.
  • REPUTATION: 20+ Year Track Record Of Success Is Unrivaled, Events At More Than 10,000 Locations, We've Been Around 4X Longer Than Our Competition.
  • MEDIA NOTORIETY: Create Separation And Differentiation From Your Competitors By Being Known In Your Community Through Various Media Resources.
SOFA Is As Incredibly Simple, As It Is Enjoyable To Those Who Master It.
Our "Ascension" Training/Coaching Program Is An Easy To Grasp, Easy To Implement Marketing Program Driven By The Motivated Entrepreneur.
With SOFA, Your Business Thrives Through Relationships - New and Existing.
Use Our Systems To Fill Your Calendar With Appointments
Keep your appointment book full of qualified prospects and possibilities!
Become A Locally Known Expert, Educating Your Community
Motivate your seminar attendees to take charge of their personal finances!
Branding, 30+ Seminar Topics, Training, Personalized Coaching
Total turnkey program, co-branding materials, promotional resources, more!
10 Day Money Back Guarantee For The Faint-Hearted
Inspect what you expect as a SOFA member risk-free. Don't wait to win!

Thank you for your time and consideration in examining the possibility of membership with SOFA. It ought to be an exciting discovery for you, associating with a non profit through your business and in your community. SOFA is a marketing opportunity that can definitely grow your business and make a tremendous impact on the people in your community.

Our mission is to end financial illiteracy across America, one community at a time. That is our passion and our calling. We need good people who love to serve and help others who are in need. Whether you are an Attorney, Financial Advisor, Realtor, Accountant, Credit Counselor, or any other professional who in some way is tied to one's financial destiny, we have a place at the SOFA table for you!

SOFA's membership positions you in your community in a great way as an educator and content expert. This notoriety comes about in direct correlation to following SOFA's training and coaching program and your effort in applying those principles. SOFA is not the proverbial "genie in the bottle". What it will do is open doors for you in your community, providing you lots of great opportunities to build new relationships and speaking opportunities in front of groups of people who need financial help.

We always need more passionate people - just like you - who want to help, and in turn benefit from our unique approach. It's a win-win for all!

Jim Chilton
Founder, CEO
The Society For Financial Awareness
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